JTDL: Ending trade secret privilege; ankle monitors on the rise + New jobs

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While at Georgetown Law, Keith Porcaro and I developed Detain/Release, a simulation to teach pretrial risk assessments. Keith wrote a comprehensive piece on the tech and how we used the simulation. (MIT Computational Law Report)

It’s time to end the trade secret evidentiary privilege among forensic algorithm vendors. (Brookings) Courts in Pennsylvania and Virginia may allow defense experts a look at a secret algorithm used in DNA evidence. (Washington Post)

The rise of ankle monitors and house arrest during the pandemic. (NBC) Ankle monitors create a cyber prison for immigrants. (Freedom for Immigrants)

The US 7th Circuit Court of Appeals says a pole camera outside of a person’s home for 18 months is not a Fourth Amendment search. (7th Cir)

Maine enacts the strictest face recognition limitations in the country. (Tech Dirt)

The FBI’s honeypot Pixel 4a gets detailed in a new report. (Ars)

Cellebrite wants to join the Nasdaq and digital rights groups are not into it. (Reuters)

ShotSpotter expands with a new DC office. (Hill)

How a court in Irving, Texas used data to improve its services. (What Works Cities)

An inventory of public-facing A2J tech tools in Canada. (University of Ottawa) (h/t Amy Salyzyn)

The Legal Services Corporation published a database of state eviction laws. (LSC)

Co-developing pro bono outcomes measurement. (Paladin)

Homeboy Electronics hires the previously incarcerated to fix electronics. (ifixit)


The Teaching Responsible Computing Summit by Mozilla is July 27. (Moz)

Jobs & Opportunities

A2J Tech is looking to fill dev and PM roles. (A2JT)

ACLU of Northern California needs a tech and civil liberties attorney. (ACLUNC)

Ameelio, a prison communications company, needs a dev. (A)

Arnold Ventures is accepting proposals for prosecution research. (AV)

[New] Baltimore City needs a data fellow. (BC)

Center for Democracy and Technology has multiple open positions. (CDT) (h/t Alex Givens)

Data & Society needs a director of research (DS)

The Day One Project needs a policy director for science and tech. (DOP)

The European Research Council has a research position for someone into legal theory and blockchain. (ERC)

Free Press is looking for a policy counsel. (FP) (h/t Amy Martyn)

Future of Privacy Forum is hiring a law and policy fellow. (FPF)

The Future Society has multiple positions. (FS)

Good Call is looking for an engineer. (GC) (h/t Gabe Leader-Rose)

Hack the Hood needs a director of curriculum and programs. (HtH)

The Harvard Law Library’s Innovation Lab needs summer RAs. (HLL)

[New] Human Rights Watch’s Digital Investigations Lab needs a deputy director. (HRW)

IViR launched a science fiction and information law short story competition. (IViR) (h/t Keith Porcaro)

[New] John Moores University in Liverpool needs a legal technology lecturer. (JMU) (h/t Legal Tech Jobs)

JustFix is hiring a UX/UI designer. (JF) (h/t Pinky Chan)

Just Tech has numerous openings. (JT) (h/t Legal Tech Jobs)

Justice Connect in Australia has multiple roles open. (JC)

The Law Society of Ontario needs a policy person for its regulatory sandbox. (LSO) (h/t Keith Porcaro)

The Legal Services Corporation is hiring for a chief data officer. (LSC) (h/t Dan Bernstein)

[New] The Lincoln Project has a fellowship to help technologists get into policy. (LP)

Measures for Justice has multiple positions open. (M4J)

Northeastern University’s Center for Law, Innovation, and Creativity needs a managing director. (NU) (h/t Keith Porcaro)

Paladin is looking for a product designer. (P)

The Partnership on AI is hiring for multiple positions. (PAI) (h/t Eleni Manis)

PEW needs a principal associate for its civil legal system modernization work. (PEW) (h/t Erika Rickard)

[New] The Philly District Attorney's Office is looking to fill a number of roles, including for a content manager. (PDAO)

ProBonoNet needs a product manager. (PBN)

Recidiviz is looking for a security engineer. (R) (h/t Evan Green-Lowe)

Schmidt Futures needs a technical fellow. (SF)

SimpleCitizen, an immigration tech company, has engineering, product and sales roles. (SC) (h/t Eleni Manis)

The Sixth Amendment Center is looking for a data-savvy research associate and law school externs. (6AC) (h/t Silas Horst)

[New] Tech Congress is accepting applications for the Congressional Innovation Fellowship. (TC)

The Texas Indigent Defense Commission needs a research director, among other roles. (TIDC)

Theory and Principle, a legal software development boutique, needs a dev. (T&P)

University of Michigan is hiring profs focused on racial justice and tech. (UM)

Upsolve, the bankruptcy platform, is hiring for multiple roles. (Up)

[New] US Digital Response is hiring for multiple roles. (USDR)

Village Capital needs a managing director of its impact investing. (VC)

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