JTD: DNA Database dragnet; apps to avoid police; new jobs

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Last week, I was at Georgia State University's College of Law for the State of the South conference speaking about Keith Porcaro and I's work on Detain/Release, our pretrial risk assessment simulation. There's video. (GSU)

Paul Ohm at Georgetown Law is looking for partner projects for his Coding for Lawyers course. The projects can involve web scraping, machine learning, wrangling organizational data, or other types of programming--no web design, though. Email Tanina Rostain to pitch a project.

Last week on Twitter, a growing list of diverse legal innovators made its way to my feed. (Sheets) Microsoft is offering a dissertation scholarship for diverse PhD candidates in the field of computing. (Microsoft)

With law enforcement increasingly using commercial DNA databases to find suspects through familial relatives, researchers replicated the process and found "the technique could implicate nearly any U.S. individual of European descent in the near future." (Science)

Frustrating the NYPD, Google's navigation app Waze helps people avoid DUI checkpoints. (NYT) Speaking of police, predictive policing software PredPol is deployed by more departments than originally thought. (Motherboard)

There's a lot of push back against Amazon's facial recognition software, now Amazon is calling for regulation of the tech. (TR) In other company news, its crime reporting app Neighbors is making it easier to racially profile people. (Motherboard) This is similar to what I found with competitor app Nextdoor a few years ago. (ABA Journal)

Massachusetts State Police rolled out body cams. (WGBH)

The Aspen Institute has a new fellowship for tech policy experts. (Aspen)

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has service design and portfolio manager openings in their Justice and Opportunity vertical. (CZI)

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is looking for a surveillance activist and a staff technologist. (EFF)

The Lab at D.C. has three postings at the moment, including a data scientist, social scientist and operations analyst. (The Lab)

PEW is looking for someone to help with their court modernization work. (PEW)

Robin Hood Foundation's fellowship program, which helps people build user-centered technology for low-income Americans, is now open to applicants. (RHF)

Upturn has a couple full-time research and policy analyst positions. (Upturn)