JTDL: Death sentence by Zoom; lawyer's guide to automated decision-making harms + new jobs


A poverty lawyer’s guide to fighting automated decision-making harms on low-income communities. (Data & Society) (h/t Elizabeth Grossman)

New data shows the increase of virtual court hearings. (StateTech)

The impact of video proceedings on fairness and access-to-justice in court. (Brennan Center) Principles for continued use of remote court proceedings. (Brennan Center) (h/t Colin Starger)

In a likely first, a death sentence was handed down during a virtual hearing in Nigeria. (Rest of World)

The safety driver in the 2018 fatal Uber self-driving car crash was charged with homicide—Uber will not face prosecution. (Reuters)

Massachusetts’ criminal legal system needs to get serious about data. (Boston Globe)

Issues surrounding Baltimore's police spy plane are on appeal. (Associated Press) The Baltimore police don’t know if the plane is effective at combating crime. (NBC)

Portland protesters say their lives were upended by their mugshots being posted online. (Willamette Week)

Technology can't predict crime, it can only weaponize proximity to policing. (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

It's time for a reckoning about police criminal intelligence databases. (Slate)

Police surveillance tech is getting a big boost from federal grants. (Intercept)

Legal status and policy recommendations for law enforcement’s use of automatic license plate readers. (Brennan Center)

LA partnered with a crime reporting app to track the Coronavirus. (VICE)

In SEC filings, you can see photos of GreyKey, a plug-and-play decryption device used by law enforcement. (VICE)

International AI ethics groups are repeating a classic mistake: they don’t have global representation. (MIT Tech Review)

The US House Judiciary Committee passed a bill that would make federal court documents free. (Bloomberg)

Louisiana's high court creates the Louisiana Supreme Court Technology Commission. (Louisiana Supreme Court) (h/t Scott Schlegel)

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Jobs & Opportunities

18F, the federal government’s in-house tech shop, is hiring. (18F) (h/t Eleni Manis)

The American Bar Association’s Center for Innovation is looking for a deputy director. (ABA)

American Prison Data Systems, a prison education software company, needs a scrum leader. (APDS) (h/t Eleni Manis)

Arnold Ventures has a bunch of job openings in their various criminal justice tracks. (Arnold)

Blue Ridge Labs has opened their fellowship applications. (BRL) (h/t Eleni Manis)

The California Law Revision Commission is taking on the penal code and needs a data savvy attorney. (CLRC) (h/t Thomas Nosewicz)

The Center for Democracy and Technology has multiple openings. (CDT) (h/t Alex Givens)

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has openings in their Justice and Opportunity vertical. (CZI)

[New] Cornell Tech’s Digital Life Initiative needs a law and policy fellow. (DLI) (h/t Daan Vansimpsen)

Data & Society is hiring for director roles. (D&S)

Data for Black Lives needs a national organizing director. (DfBL)

DataKind is looking for a director of volunteers. (DK) (h/t Eleni Manis)

[New] DC’s Criminal Code Reform Commission needs a social scientist. (CCRC)

The Ford Foundation needs a data analyst. (FF) (h/t Eleni Manis)

The Future Society needs an analyst and interns. (FS) (h/t Eleni Manis)

Future Tense is looking for a research and events associate. (FT)

Georgetown’s Beek Center for Social Impact is hiring researchers. (BC)

Georgetown’s Institute for Technology Law and Policy needs an executive director. (ITLP)

The Illinois Courts are looking for a senior program manager for its legal technology initiatives. (ILCourts)

JustFix.nyc is looking for a UX/UI designer. (JF)

LawHelpNY needs a new director. (CFW)

Paladin needs an enterprise sales exec. (P)

The Partnership on AI is looking for a program lead. (PAI)

The Philly District Attorney's Office is looking for researchers, data scientists and programmers. (PDAO)

Pro Bono Net has an open position. (PBN)

[New] Raheem, a platform for reporting police violence, needs a software engineer. (R)

Recidiviz needs a director of ops and a security engineer. (R)

Ryerson University’s Legal Innovation Zone has multiple openings. (RU) (h/t Daan Vansimpsen)

San Francisco city government needs a business analyst for their criminal justice data work. (SF) (h/t Eleni Manis)

Schmidt Futures has numerous open roles. (SF)

The Shuttleworth Foundation opened applications for fellows. (SF)

SimpleCitizen, an immigration tech company, needs a customer success strategist. (SC) (h/t Eleni Manis)

Stanford’s Computational Policy Lab needs data scientists and engineers. (SU)

R Street, a libertarian think tank, needs to fill some tech and policy roles. (RS)

Theory and Principle, a legal software development boutique, needs a QA dev. (T&P)

TuitApp needs a legal researcher. (TA) (h/t Daan Vansimpsen)

The Vera Institute of Justice has numerous open positions. (VIJ) (h/t Eleni Manis)

UCLA Law needs a data research fellow for its Covid behind bars project. (UCLA)

Yale Law School is looking for visiting fellows for the Information Society Project. (ISP)

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