JTDL: Mind-reading tech regs; Tyler Tech buying spree + New jobs

Editor’s Note

Welcome back to the Justice Tech Download. Having been away for a minute, this issue focuses on the pieces I read over the break that I didn’t want you to miss.




I spoke with Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon, Karen Lash, and Elizabeth Werner about the role technology can play in a reconstituted Office of Access to Justice at the DOJ. (Talk Justice)

We need to regulate mind-reading tech before it exists. (Rest of World)

Cautionary trends in smart city technology. (Belfer Center) Rebecca Williams, the report’s author, also just launched a civic tech newsletter. (Substack)

A few years ago, I proposed that police use copyright to help protect people from mugshot extortion. Police are using copyright these days, but not how I hoped. (BBC)

Nine states are adopting digital drivers licenses, making some wonder how you can keep your phone locked when around a cop. (DCist)

Algorithms can be allies in exposing deep, structural injustices that entrench mass incarceration. (Inquest) (h/t Colin Doyle)

Should doxxing be illegal? (Markup)

Inside a massive cyber attack on a Philippine human rights group. (Rest of World)

Apple says researchers can vet its child safety features, but it’s suing a startup that does just that. (MIT Tech Review)

LAPD officers have been ordered to collect social media handles of people they stop. (Guardian) Here’s how police can get your data. (Vox)

Using a digital divorce portal will be mandatory in the UK. (Lawzette)

Tyler Tech’s buying spree continues with the purchase of a jail and prison software company. (Entrepreneur)

Case management company Clio partnered with the Legal Services Corp. to bring their services to legal aid. (Clio)

The current and planned uses of facial recognition technology by federal agencies. (Government Accountability Office)


[Virtual] Fast Forward Accelerator’s Demo Day is October 7. (FF) (h/t Summer Kennedy)

[Virtual] Duke Law Tech’s Demo Day is October 22. (DL)

Jobs & Opportunities

A2J Tech is looking to fill dev and PM roles. (A2JT)

[New] The AI Education Project is hiring. (AIED)

Baltimore City needs a data fellow. (BC)

[New] Boundless has numerous openings. (B) (h/t Chase Hertel)

Center for Democracy and Technology has multiple open positions. (CDT) (h/t Alex Givens)

Data & Society needs a director of research (DS)

[New] Duke Law School’s Wilson Center for Science and Justice needs a policy director. (WCSJ)

[New] The Day One Project has numerous openings. (DOP)

The European Research Council has a research position for someone into legal theory and blockchain. (ERC)

Free Press is looking for a policy counsel. (FP) (h/t Amy Martyn)

Future of Privacy Forum is hiring a law and policy fellow. (FPF)

[New] The Future Society has multiple positions. (FS)

Good Call is looking for an engineer. (GC) (h/t Gabe Leader-Rose)

Hack the Hood needs a director of curriculum and programs. (HtH)

[New] Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center needs an ED. (BKC)

The Harvard Law Library’s Innovation Lab needs summer RAs. (HLL)

IViR launched a science fiction and information law short story competition. (IViR) (h/t Keith Porcaro)

[New] JustFix is hiring a an engineer and a PM. (JF) (h/t Pinky Chan)

Just Tech has numerous openings. (JT) (h/t Legal Tech Jobs)

Justice Connect in Australia has multiple roles open. (JC)

Measures for Justice has multiple positions open. (M4J)

[New] Paladin has multiple openings. (P)

The Partnership on AI is hiring for multiple positions. (PAI) (h/t Eleni Manis)

The Philly District Attorney's Office is looking to fill a number of roles, including for a dev. (PDAO)

ProBonoNet needs a product manager. (PBN)

Schmidt Futures needs a technical fellow. (SF)

SimpleCitizen, an immigration tech company, has engineering, product and sales roles. (SC) (h/t Eleni Manis)

[New] Theory and Principle, a legal software development boutique, needs a PM. (T&P)

University of Michigan is hiring profs focused on racial justice and tech. (UM)

[New] Upsolve, the bankruptcy platform, is hiring for multiple roles. (Up)