JTDL: PACER, a nat'l security threat; secret keyword warrants + New Jobs


PACER and CM/ECF are a threat to national security and must be overhauled. (Free Law Project)

The US government secretly orders Google to identify anyone who searched a sexual assault victim’s name, address, and phone number. (Forbes)

The tech that slumlords hate. (Bloomberg) (h/t Kathryn Sabbath)

The European Parliament is debating the use of AI by police and judges in criminal matters. (EUP)

A whole journal issue is dedicated to new technologies in the investigation of international crimes. (Journal of International Criminal Justice)

Online dispute resolution promises to increase access to justice, but challenges remain. (ABA Journal) Remote court tech is here to stay. (Law.com)

US Department of Justice creates a cryptocurrency enforcement unit. (Verge)

Mapping tech in the US criminal justice system. (Recidiviz) (h/t Cat Xu)

Smart borders or a humane world. (Immigrant Defense Project)

Building a national AI research resource. (Stanford)

So, this exists. (Twitter)


[Virtual] Duke Law Tech Demo Day is October 22. (DL)

Jobs & Opportunities

A2J Tech is looking to fill dev and PM roles. (A2JT)

The AI Education Project is hiring. (AIED)

Baltimore City needs a data fellow. (BC)

Boundless has numerous openings. (B) (h/t Chase Hertel)

California’s Office of the Public Defender needs a researcher. (OPD)

Center for Democracy and Technology has multiple open positions. (CDT) (h/t Alex Givens)

The Council of State Governments needs a strategic initiatives director. (CSG) (h/t Marshall Clement)

Data & Society needs a director of research (DS)

Duke Law School’s Wilson Center for Science and Justice needs a policy director. (WCSJ)

The Day One Project has numerous openings. (D1P)

The European Research Council has a research position for someone into legal theory and blockchain. (ERC)

Free Press is looking for a policy counsel. (FP) (h/t Amy Martyn)

Future of Privacy Forum is hiring a law and policy fellow. (FPF)

Hack the Hood needs a director of curriculum and programs. (HtH)

Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center needs an ED. (BKC)

IViR launched a science fiction and information law short story competition. (IViR) (h/t Keith Porcaro)

JustFix is hiring product and UX people. (JF) (h/t Pinky Chan)

Just Tech has numerous openings. (JT) (h/t Legal Tech Jobs)

[New] The Legal Aid Society of New York needs a digital forensics examiner. (NYLAS) (h/t Jerome Greco)

Measures for Justice has multiple positions open. (M4J)

[New] NIST is looking for nominations for its National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee. (NIST)

[New] Paladin has multiple openings. (P) (h/t Felicity Conrad)

The Partnership on AI is hiring for multiple positions. (PAI) (h/t Eleni Manis)

The Philly District Attorney's Office is looking to fill a number of roles, including for a dev. (PDAO)

The Philly city government needs a cloud engineer to support open data teams, including with the DA. (CoP) (h/t Dan Lopez)

ProBonoNet needs a product manager. (PBN)

Schmidt Futures needs a technical fellow. (SF)

SimpleCitizen, an immigration tech company, has engineering, product and sales roles. (SC) (h/t Eleni Manis)

Stand Together Ventures is looking for applicants for a new accelerator class. (STV)

Surveillance Technology Oversight Project has legal and policy openings. (STOP)

Theory and Principle, a legal software development boutique, needs a PM. (T&P)

UC Berkeley needs a staff attorney for its Technology & Public Policy Clinic. (UCB)

University of Michigan is hiring profs focused on racial justice and tech. (UM)

University of Oxford is looking for a postdoc researcher in the governance of emerging technologies. (Ox)

Upsolve, the bankruptcy platform, is hiring for multiple roles. (UpS)

[New] Uptrust needs a sales director. (UpT)