JTDL: Risk assessments can out perform humans; Robot police dog gets stuck in sit mode + New events


New research shows humans and risk assessments guess re-offense rates about the same, but sometimes the machines are better. (SA) Algorithms didn’t fix the bail system. (Wired) Regardless, reform has the bail industry fighting back with misleading Facebook ads. (Goth)

Police say Amazon Ring isn't much of a crime fighter. (NBC)

Facial recognition’s new flavor of the week: NEC. (OZ) London police deploy facial recognition with two hours’ notice. (Ind)

[Video] Predictive policing, AI and racial profiling. (CBS) (h/t Andrew Ferguson)

The EU released weakened guidelines for regulating AI. (MIT) The European Human Rights agenda for the digital age. (AN) Fair clustering algorithms aim to make AI more impartial. (IEEE) Calling bullshit on big data. (NYer)

People leave molecular wakes that can give away their secrets. (Econ)

Newsrooms rethink a crime reporting staple: The Mugshot. (MP)

The Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress are ramping up legislative attacks on encryption. (NPR) Cops in Indian Kashmir arrested people for using VPNs, which is not illegal in India. (TNW)

Alaska courts send jury summons over email. (NBC)

The American Bar Association recommends—with caveats—that state bars look into “regulatory innovation” to battle the access-to-justice crisis. (ABAJ)

An engineering approach to measuring the impact of access-to-justice innovations. (NCSC)

That creepy robot dog got stuck in sit mode during a police test. (OZ)

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If you are in the Denver area, the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System announced its spring speaker series. (IAALS)

The Machine Learning Symposium will be held at Santa Clara University in San Jose on March 6, 2020. (SCU)

Technology at Society’s Frontier: Framing the Big Legal Issues, a day long symposium with CLE credit, will be held in San Francisco, March 6, 2020. (NW)

Accelerate Good Global, a tech and social impact event hosted by Fast Forward, a non-profit accelerator, is happening in San Francisco, Mach 7, 2020. (FFWD)

LITCon, which focuses on the use of technology in law and legal education, is going down at Suffolk Law School in Boston, March 30, 2020. (Suffolk)

We Robot 2020 will take place at the University of Ottawa, April 2-4, 2020. (UOttawa)

The Empirical Research Workshop and Conference on Standardization is happening at Northwestern Law School, May 6-8, 2020. (NW)

The Partners for Justice conference will be held in Baltimore on May 14, 2020. (PJC)

The Law and Society Association conference is May 28-31, 2020 in Denver. (LSA)

The Seventh National Convening on Research and Data at the American Society of Criminology in D.C. is looking for panelists. The event is Nov. 18-21. (ASC)

Jobs & Opportunities

AI Now Institute has numerous openings. (AI Now)

Arnold Ventures has a bunch of job openings in their various criminal justice tracks. (Arnold)

ATJ Tech Fellows Program is looking for fellows and partner organizations. (ATJ)

Berkeley Law's Technology & Public Policy Clinic is looking for a clinical teaching fellow. (Cal)

Berkeley Technology Law Journal 2020 Writing Competition - Berkeley Technology Law Journal (Cal)

Blue Ridge Labs opened its application for their Catalyst accelorator. (BRL)

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has openings in their Justice and Opportunity vertical. (CZI)

The Free Law Project is looking for a developer. (FLP)

Georgetown’s Institute for Technology Law & Policy reopened its student writing competition, deadline is May 31. (GULC)

Georgetown Law's Center on Privacy and Technology is hiring an institute associate. (GULC)

Good Call, a legal support tech company, needs a volunteer to help compile an online resource center. (GC)

The Harvard Cyber Law Clinic needs a new clinical instructor. (BKC) (h/t Gabe Tenninbaum)

HiiL, an access to justice non-profit, has openings. (HiiL)

The Illinois Courts are looking for a senior program manager for its legal technology initiatives. (ILCourts)

The Justice System Journal has a call out for papers on the empirical research into indigent defense. (JSJ)

Legal.io is looking for a French speaking legal policy operations agent. (L.io)

The University of Leiden is looking for a full professor in public law and governance of AI. (UL)

Measures for Justice has numerous open positions in their research and technology sections. (MfJ)

National Center for State Courts is looking for someone to run the Justice Innovation Incubator in Kosovo, closing date is Feb. 26. (NCSC)

Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem needs a data analyst. (NDSH)

Neota Logic, an expert systems platform, is looking for a university and non-profit relationships director, plus other roles. (Neota)

New York Legal Aid Society needs a data quality analyst for their cop accountability project. (NYLAS) (h/t Cynthia Conti-Cook)

NYU’s Information Law Institute needs a research fellow. (NYU)

City of Oakland needs a data scientist for its police performance project. (Oak)

Paladin, a pro bono platform, is looking for an account manager. (Paladin)

The Philly District Attorney's Office is looking for researchers, data scientists and programmers. (PDAO)

The Policing Project at NYULaw needs a legal director. (PP)

Pro Bono Net has numerous openings in New York for project management and other roles. (PBN)

Quest for Justice is building out its dev team. (Q4J) (Disclosure: I work for Q4J.)

Recidiviz, a criminal justice data platform, is looking to fill multiple roles. (Recidiviz)

The Stanford Center for Human-centered Artificial Intelligence wants to fill a number of director roles. (HAI)

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office needs a data administrator. (SCDAO)

Suffolk University Law School is looking for a legal innovation and technology clinical fellow. (SULS)

Swansea University School of Law is filling a number of legal tech and computational law teaching and technical jobs. (SU)

TechCongress is hiring a deputy director. (TC)

Texas Southern University’s Center for Justice Research is looking for a research analyst. (TSU)

Theory and Principle, a legal software development boutique, needs a back-end dev. (T&P)

Thorn, a platform fighting child sex trafficking, has a number of positions open. (Thorn)

Upturn is looking for summer fellows. (Upturn)

Yale Law School is looking for visiting fellows for the Information Society Project. (ISP)