Justice Tech Download: Defenders

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In Class
I'm sad to say it, but this is the last in-class day of the semester. Last week, you were introduced to our work with Larry Krasner's office in Philly. This week, the spotlight is on the Texas Indigent Defense Commission. In this project, students are helping the statewide agency leverage their grant making capacity to improve county-level data collection.

In the News
New research from Kentucky and Virginia indicate that bail risk assessment tools aren't getting the impacts proponents had hoped for. (American Constitution Society)

Axon--the country's largest seller of police body cams--has been promising more AI to help interpret police video footage, but that's easier promised than done. (IEEE Spectrum)

Forget AI, even humans are going to have different interpretations of what body cam footage shows. In this article, a teenager in New York says the video shows an officer planting drugs, but does it? (New York Times)

Journalist website MuckRock has created a national database of 2.5 billion records collected by over 200 government agencies using automatic license plate readers, a rarely regulated surveillance technology. (Tech Dirt)

In Washington D.C., Github is now the authoritative digital source for D.C. legal code. (Ars Technica)

As a public service this Cyber Monday, here's a handy guide to know if the gifts you're buying will spy on you and your loved ones. (Mozilla)