Justice Tech Download: Prosecution

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In Class
We're in the final stretch of the semester, which means that our students are presenting their practicum work. We paired them with a system stakeholder to learn the idiosyncrasies of a justice system actor and provide process and technology improvement recommendations. Today, I'm putting the spotlight on the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, where students are helping them think through their diversionary programs, private criminal complaints and traffic court.

In the News
Speaking of Philly, DA Krasner is reforming how his office approaches charging in murder cases. (Philly.com)

Over 20,000 drunk driving convictions in New Jersey may be thrown out after the state's high court ruled that results from breathalyzers in five counties were unreliable because calibration records were falsified by an officer. (NYT) (HT Kieth Porcaro)

New research from Colleen Chien of UC Santa Clara Law quantifies the "second chance gap," which she defines as "the gap between eligibility and delivery of certain forms of second chance relief". (SSRN)

There's a new site tracking state and federal criminal cases against right-wing extremists. Turns out no one's done this before. (ABA Journal)

A state judge presiding over a murder case in New Hampshire has ordered Amazon to handover Echo recordings. (NBC)