JusticeTech DL: face rec bans; encryption crackdown? + Jobs

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My thoughts on--and a U.S. spin to--the Law Society of England and Wales' amazing "Algorithms in the criminal justice system" report. (ABA Journal)

Following in Australia's and Russia's footsteps, the U.S. is considering an encryption crackdown--I wonder if they'll bring back the Clipper Chip. (Politico)

Police body cam and digital evidence storage vendor Axon says it won't use facial recognition in its cameras. (NYT) Meanwhile, Sommerville, MA joined San Francisco in banning its government's use of facial recognition technology. (Vice) Back in the Bay, Oakland, CA is getting ready to join the club. (SF Chronicle)

As more surveillance footage is being created, machines are watching it with worrisome implications (Slate)

The U.S. House of Representatives held a hearing on the ethical and societal implications of AI. (House)

The New York Times' editorial board put its weight behind open law and Public.Resource.Org's upcoming case at the U.S. Supreme Court. (NYT)


The Maintainers are putting on a third conference focused on maintenance, infrastructure and repair in Washington D.C., October 6-9. (Maintainers)

ASSETS is calling for papers regarding AI fairness and those with disabilities for a workshop in Pittsburgh on Oct. 27. (ASSETS)

The American Society of Criminology meeting is happening in San Francisco between November 13-16. (ASC)

Jobs & Opportunities

ACLU national is looking for a director of product management. (ACLU)

AI Now Institute is looking for an executive director and a post-doc researcher. (AI Now)

Arnold Ventures has a bunch of job openings in their various criminal justice tracks. (Arnold)

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has a user experience researcher, operations associate and senior engineer openings in their Justice and Opportunity vertical. (CZI)

The Future Society is looking for interns. (TFS)

Georgetown Law Center needs a program manager who focuses on algorithmic fairness and people with disabilities. (GU)

The Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University seeks a clinical instructor to join their Cyberlaw Clinic. (HU) (H/t Keith Porcaro)

Paladin needs a software engineer and an account manager. (Paladin)

Thorn has a number of positions open for engineers, product managers and sales. (Thorn)

Uptrust, a court reminder platform, is looking for a front end engineer and tech lead manager. (Uptrust)