JusticeTechDL: Back to School; Mass Expungements in Chicago + New Jobs

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The Class

It is that time of the year when Keith Porcaro and I get back into teaching mode. Starting Wednesday, we will welcome our third cohort of students to Criminal Justice Technology, Policy, and Law at Georgetown Law Center. We've already posted our syllabus, but we hadn't yet revealed our project partner for the semester: The D.C. Office of the Attorney General. You can read more about the project here, but, in short, the District's laws regarding juvenile records is out of step with modern technology and data-informed public policy practices. While minding the high standards for juvenile record confidentiality, our students will spend the next 13 weeks diving deep into these issues and make policy and process recommendations.

The News

The National Institutes of Justice recently put out a history of crime mapping and forecasting. (NIJ)

Maryland's highest court determined that a minor who distributed a video of herself performing a sex act was a child pornographer. (Slate)

Goodcall, an organization that helps people connect with an attorney when they're arrested, is getting some much deserved attention for their work in New York. (Forbes)

Taking work piloted in California, Code for America is bringing mass marijuana expungements to Cook County, Illinois. (GovTech) (h/t Irene Mo) Also in Chicago, the police are testing smartphones to replace in-car laptops. (GovTech)

Carrie Goldberg is an attorney fighting online stalking and revenge porn. (TR)

In what is a solution for not the problem, the Feds are shopping an idea that would track FitBit data to stop mass shooters. (Gizmodo)

Amazon Ring let police know which users would not share their footage. (Gizmodo)

In newly unearthed documents, some prosecutors exaggerated the amount of criminal activity taking place on the website Backpage. (Reason)

In a win for open data advocates, the California Supreme Court backed greater access to police misconduct cases. (LAT)

The Law School Admissions Council hosted an inaugural justice innovation challenge, where law students took on issues of domestic violence and civil rights, among others. (LSAC) (h/t Elizabeth Grossman)

The Events

Sarah Lageson, a professor at Rutgers studying digital criminal records, and artist Paolo Cirio are putting on an event regarding digital punishment in New York City Sept. 7. (Apex)

The Harvard Law and Technology Society is hosting a symposium Sept. 12-13 in Cambridge. (HU)

NIST is hosting a Tech to Protect Challenge in ten cities around the country, Sept. 27-29 and Nov. 1-3, 2019. (NIST) (h/t Dave McClure)

AI Now is hosting a symposium on Oct. 2 in New York City. (AINow)

The Maintainers are putting on a third conference focused on maintenance, infrastructure and repair in Washington D.C., October 6-9. (Maintainers)

ASSETS is calling for papers regarding AI fairness and those with disabilities for a workshop in Pittsburgh on Oct. 27. (ASSETS)

The American Society of Criminology meeting is happening in San Francisco between November 13-16. (ASC)

The Conference on Fairness, Accountability and Transparency has a call out for papers for their law track. The conference will be in Barcelona, Spain Jan. 27-30, 2020. (FAT)

We Robot 2020 has a call out for proposals. It'll take place at the University of Ottawa, April 2-4, 2020. (UOttawa)

The Law and Society Association is accepting submissions for its conference May 28-31, 2020 in Denver. (LSA)

The Jobs & Opportunities

ACLU national is looking for a director of product management. (ACLU)

AI Now Institute is looking for a research lead. (AI Now)

Arnold Ventures has a bunch of job openings in their various criminal justice tracks. (Arnold)

The U.C. Berkeley School of Law's Center for the Study of Law and Society needs a new executive director. (Berkeley)

Callisto, a sexual assault reporting platform, is looking for an executive assistant. (Callisto)

The Center for Justice Research at Texas Southern University is looking for a research analyst. (TSU)

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has a user experience researcher and senior engineer openings in their Justice and Opportunity vertical. (CZI)

Code for America needs a data scientist to help with their expungement work, among other projects. (CfA)

The Ford Foundation needs a criminal justice program officer. (Ford)

The New York Legal Aid Society needs a staff attorney for their digital forensics unit. (NYLAS)

The Stanford Center for Human-centered Artificial Intelligence wants to fill a number of director roles. (HAI)

Tech Congress is accepting applications for its congressional fellows. (TC)

Thorn has a number of positions open for engineers, product managers and sales. (Thorn)

Uptrust, a court reminder platform, is looking for a front end engineer and tech lead manager. (Uptrust)