The Justice Tech Download: ???

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This is our last newsletter of the year. Have a lovely holiday and see you in 2019!

Colleen Chien and I argue in a new piece that robust data infrastructure is needed to support the promise of AI and automation in the criminal justice system. (Harvard)

Should we regulate facial recognition? Probably. What does the look like? We're not sure. (New Yorker)

As concerns about facial recognition grow, the reality of Deep Fakes (human faces altered by AI) is coming into focus. (Tech Review)

There's new research out saying 56 percent of Americans oppose the use of criminal justice risk assessments. (PEW)

In a new academic piece, the writers argue that the police could leverage broadband to improve their mobile communications. (JC&J)

Upcoming Event: State of the South. I'll be on panel at this Feb. 7-8 event at Georgia State College of Law in Atlanta, which will cover how technology affects civil and criminal law issues. (GSU)