The Justice Tech Download: Phantom Gun Shots, Data Policy, & Judicial AI Ethics

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The Feds are embracing predictive policing, something the Obama Administration declined to do. (DOJ)

+ UDC law prof Andrew Ferguson on why this is a big deal. (Twitter)

The UK's Data Commissioner launched an official investigation into police use of facial recognition, an under regulated technology. (Telegraph)

+ Meanwhile, in the US, researchers are calling for regulation of the technology, but it may be too late. (Tech Review)

The European Commission released an ethical charter on the use of AI in judicial systems. (EC)

NJ Advance Media filed 506 public records requests and collected 72,607 forms created between 2012 and 2016 to create New Jersey's largest police use-of-force database. (

A man claims gunshot detection technology company Shotspotter made up a gunshot to justify an officer's use of deadly force. (Tech Dirt)

The Texas Indigent Defense Commission--​one of our course partners this semester--recently released a report on how different technologies can impact indigent defense work. (TIDC)

Here's an eye scanner that doubles as a lie detector. (Wired)

Homeland Security has an algorithm to predict who is likely a terrorist on your flight. (Intercept)

The Fines and Fees Justice Center released an online clearinghouse tracking fine and fee reform around the US. (FFJC)